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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Iron Baluster Installer Stair Manufacturer Glassboro NJ

                                               Iron Balusters Installed Glassboro NJ

                                                 New Stair Manufacturer Glassboro NJ

                                              New Shadow Boxes going up the staircase

                                                 New hardwood treads and painted risers

                                                                 Before with carpet

 Before.... with pre-fabricated rail sections that builder had installer screw down to capped wall...install time....about 4 minutes.

                                            Before.. Rail post to post style with square balusters








A homeowner in Glassboro NJ with a classic L-shape stair that was in dire need of a professional Iron Baluster Installer and Stair Manufacturer contacted me and asked for help. She had been wanting to re-do her stair for a lot of years, (can't remember how many...ever since she moved in, I remember that, she always hated it.) Upon arriving, and in the course of our conversation, I could tell she was apprehensive about something. It turns out she had several contractors out to look at her project, and some of the numbers they gave her were outrageous. I assured her I had done this hundreds of times, and that I would be giving her a reasonable number, that was based on 24 years of experience doing nothing but stair and rail projects, big and small, new and old, modern and traditional, iron and wood, and everything in between. She was thrilled and very relieved that I was able to come in within budget, and within her desired time line. So we ripped out the carpet, (and the million staples), the pre-fab rail, and balusters, and installed all new. Just in time for her daughters' prom pictures on the stair, the day after I took these photos. So, if you're searching for a professional Stair Manufacturer, or Iron Baluster Installer, in and around the Glassboro, Mullica Hill, Washington Twp, Turnersville, Voorhees, or Cherry Hill area, give me a call at 215-694-5046215-694-5046, or send me an email at to schedule your FREE consultation with Ron Hartman, (a $250 value.)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stair Manufacturer Rail Installer Medford NJ

                                                     New Stair Manufacturer Medford NJ

                                                              Rail Installer Medford NJ

                            New Staircase rebuilt in place with new shadow boxes up the far wall

                                       New carpet runner puts the finishing touch on staircase

Your local Stair Manufacturer Rail Installer in Medford NJ. Initially this homeowner wanted to refinish her treads (sand off old stain and restain) and have me install a new railing for her. Upon close inspection of her stair, I discovered a lot of movement in the staircase overall, and numerous treads and risers with cracks and splits all the way through the wood, making that tread very weak because it was in two, sometimes three pieces. When I see that, I know we have to gut all the treads and risers and basically rebuild a new stair in place or pull entire staircase out and replace with new, stringers and all. The stringers were in decent shape, so we gave her all new treads and risers, and new rail, post, and balusters. Ron Hartman has been restoring and repairing and replacing entire staircases and handrails for 24 years from Princeton to Paoli, and from Point Pleasant to Pottstown, and every town in between. If you notice lots of movement in your stair as you ascend and descend, be sure to give me a call and schedule your FREE consultation with your local Stair Manufacturer and Rail Installer in and around Medford NJ, at 215-694-5046215-694-5046, or email me at

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Install Repair Replace Stair and Rail Cherry Hill

Whether you need me to Install, Repair, or Replace your Stair and Rail in Cherry Hill, we'll do it all.  I've done quite a few homes in Barclay Farms over the years, and this is one of the most recent.

   Here's another job where the homeowner really wanted to do it right. When I met the young professional (stockbroker?...or insurance maybe?....can't remember) and his wife and little ones to give my estimate, he had just bought the house and removed just about everything down to the studs. He said he wanted to start over, and do it right. When I hear lines like that, I know we're going to get along just fine. For such a young guy, he had a lot of confidence that what he was doing was the only way to go. That's always nice to see, because it seems so many young men have no confidence whatsoever. He did a lot of the work himself, (and did nice work if I may say so, especially not being a professional) and that's nice to see also, because those guys tend to appreciate what we do just a little more.  

   So, a few months later, I came in and gave him a brand-new both sides open, lower stair with a double bullnose starting step. Then we installed the posts, handrail, and white balusters. He then had the trim carpenter install "shadow boxes" along the walls and they really add a nice finishing touch. After the floors were installed, and the painter stained and painted everything, he's got a brand new house. So, if you're tired of your old tired stair, rail, balusters, or posts, give me a call, at 215-694-5046, or send me an email at to schedule your FREE design consultation. (A $250 value) We're looking forward to your call so we can help you Install, Repair, or Replace your Stair, and Rail in Cherry Hill NJ, and have your house looking like this, and making a great first impression when friends and family and neighbors come over for parties and holidays, and birthdays, and graduations, and christenings, and bar/bat mitzvahs, or even just to watch the big game.   

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hire Stair Rail Professionals Philadelphia South Jersey

         Stair tread totally out of routed stair stringer (supposed to be @3/8" to 1/2" inside stringer.)

                                                You can see riser just barely into stringer

From underneath, it's even more of a mess. Multiple wedges are barely in their stringer slot under their respective treads.
                                          Note the nails that aren't even driven in all the way.
Whoever did this; we'll call him "handyman", tried to support treads with little blocks he nailed to stringers. They didn't do much supporting, believe me.
                                         Some wedges had already fallen out completely.

Whenever you can see daylight between the tread and riser from underneath, you know the stair is in trouble. That indicates that the risers are starting to fall out of their slots in the stringer, leading to the movement in the staircase, signaled by all the squeaks and groans you hear as you ascend and descend the stair.


This is going to be about  HOW TO HIRE STAIR AND RAIL PROFESSIONALS IN AND AROUND PHILADELPHIA AND SOUTH JERSEY.  Normally, I post after pics of the work I've done. Today, I wanted to show you what the other "guy" did.  Seeing this got me all jacked up. This is all too often the type of work folks get from unqualified contractors who say they can do Stair and Rail work. Ok, so as you can see, this is going to be a little different than my normal post. These are some photos from a recent stair and rail job I started in Exton PA. The contractor before me left the stair just as you see it. Except for the missing treads, (that was me disassembling what he did years before.) Note the wedges barely hanging in their grooves. Note the treads NOT EVEN IN THE STRINGERS AGAINST THE WALL. The homeowner called me out to see what was wrong with her stair that had increasingly loud squeaks and noises, and visible movement in the staircase as she and her family traversed the stairs each day. After removing the sheetrock off the backside of the stair, I was shocked by what you see. I was afraid to go up the stairs again after I saw this. SCARY!! You talk about nightmare in Exton. In the course of a year, I bid upwards of  one hundred jobs, and I don't win all of them. What's frustrating about seeing this, is knowing that some of the jobs I don't win may be done by jokers with work quality like this.  

    Now, I don't know who hired this person to do this job, but after close to 30 years of being in and around construction, I'd be willing to bet that this was the CHEAPEST GUY the former homeowner could find. And guess what? This is the fantastic end-product that he got. Proving once again, that you get what you pay for. If your life and the lives of your family aren't really that important to you, then be sure to hire THE CHEAPEST GUY you can find for every job around your house and  generally this is what you can expect. There's a reason that legitimate contractors charge the prices that they do. Mainly because doing a good job takes time, and expertise, and skill, that only comes from having been taught correctly how to do a certain job, and having many years experience doing that job always helps as well.    

  I'm calling this worker a "guy" because he certainly wasn't a stair professional. He was obviously a handyman who took on a job that was way out of his league. Unfortunaely, there are many guys out there who will tell a homeowner whatever he has to tell them just so he gets the job, because he really, really needs the money. It doesn't matter to him whether it turns out right or not, he just needs some work from somebody, because he has bills he has to pay and he's broke.

   So, here's my big suggestion for today. Be sure to check out the "guy" you're going to hire to do any work in and around your house. DO NOT TRUST WHAT THEY SAY. The best con men are fantastic liars. That's why they're able to keep ripping people off year after year. Be sure to speak with last 3 customers and ask to come see at least one of those jobs, (and try to take someone with you that knows something about construction.) Most homeowners are too gullible and naive. It's really not their fault, they don't deal with contractors for a living, they only deal with contractors because they have to. And, the only reason they have to deal with a contractor, is because they have to update, or fix what the builder screwed up in their house when he hired THE CHEAPEST GUY  to do work on your house as it was being built in the first place.

    Alright, I'm done ranting.

    I'll post pics of completed job once everything is done. I just had to post this right away.

  If your stair is creaking and groaning, that means your stair is moving. And if it's moving, that means that it's starting to come apart. Your stair should be as solid as your floor. If you need a highly trained, highly skilled, highly ethical stair and rail professional in Philadelphia, or South Jersey, to fix, repair, replace, remove, manufacture, or install your old or new stair or rail, give Ron Hartman a call at 215-694-5046, or send him an email at

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Install Wood Handrail Repair Wood Stair Haddonfield NJ

2nd up to 3rd floor

2nd floor level rail

Down to 1st floor

3rd floor going down

2nd floor

Down to 1st

Old school walnut newel post 91/2" wide saved from historical Philadelphia building

New rail into old post

Back stair old school newel post with new extension

Original back stair and rescued newel post

Old rail, post, balusters, and modified old/new post cap
Install Wood Handrail Repair Wood Stair in Haddonfield NJ. Well, I must say, this stairway remodel job was a little unusual. The lady of the house informed she had already found the old newel posts she wanted installed, in a vintage woodworking warehouse somewhere in Philadelphia, (I didn't ask where, hush, hush.) She then told me she wanted the octagon balusters and newel posts with the oversized rail on top, that she selected from my favorite suppliers' catalog, to somewhat match the old rail and balusters she wanted installed on her back stair. Her and her lovely family decided, okay SHE decided, to renovate an old Victorian house off main street in Haddonfield, and the old school rails and posts would help keep the Victorian theme going. (Did I mention she works at the school??, no, not the old school, oh never mind... but I digress.) Working with the oversized, (HUGE), heavy, eight sided, walnut post was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to pull it off, much to the delight of said lady. She said she couldn't find anyone who would do the job for her. More than a few stair and rail  contractors stopped by and never came back. She was getting desperate, you could hear it in her voice. How could I say no? So, a few weeks later, her material was delivered and we proceeded with the installation. The upper turning on the balusters adds a nice touch as they stay in perfect line with the rail just above. She wasn't quite done with staining and painting at time of photos, but I had to share these with you. I'll update once everything is painted and stained.  If you're looking for a Handrail Installer to Repair your Wood Stair, or to replace, or Install Wood Handrail in your Haddonfield, Collingswood, or Haddon Heights home for you, don't hesitate to call/text Ron Hartman, your local specialist with 25 years experience with ALL KINDS of stair/rail situations, at 215-694-5046, or email him at