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Monday, May 25, 2009

Wood Handrail and Iron Balusters in Voorhees NJ

This job in Voorhees NJ, is a classic double circular stairway up to a radius pulpit platform. Handrail is oak 6010 colonial with mahogany stain. 1600 series oak posts with 1 basket and 2 basket alternating iron balusters in flat black. 16.1.3 and 16.1.4 baluster numbers, respectively. All product numbers are from my favorite supplier at I think circular staircases are what separates the men from the boys when it comes to professional rail installation. Circulars are much more challenging to install as a rule. A true rail professional can spot an amateur installation a mile away. Some things to look for when critiquing a rail that's already been installed. 1. The volute; (the curly part of the rail at the bottom of the stair) often times it's crooked; either left to right or front to back, and sometimes both ways. 2. The gooseneck or upeasing at the head of stair; same issue very often; crooked left to right, etc. Sure signs of an amateur. So please do your homework, and be sure to select a stair and rail professional with lots of experience. Ron Hartman has been providing contractors, builders, and homeowners, all over the Delaware Valley with high quality stairs and rails for 20 years.
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