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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wood Handrail Installer Lafayette Hill PA


How do you decide on your Wood Handrail Installer in the Lafayette Hill PA area? What exactly do you look for? Well for one you would expect that they would have a long track record of consistent quality (say, around 25 years... Ok, 24yrs 10 months 3 weeks and 2 days, but who's keeping track?). You'd look for a long line of dozens of happy customers year in and year out (last year, 38 to be exact, but who's counting?). You would want them to be able to handle any and all issues that will arise when you replace your stair and or rail, regardless of your stair layout, or your home's dimensions. Whether you have a scissor stair, L shape, straight run, winder treads, circular, spiral, or flared stair (to name a few), you want someone who has dealt with all these kinds of stairs. Someone who prides themselves on their ability to cater to your wishes when it comes to constructing the dream stair you envision. We install every stair and rail as if it were our own, because it is. Once I'm done and I know everything is perfect and the artwork is complete, the customer buys it off of me and him and his family get to enjoy it for decades to come, blah blah blah blah blah.... whatever! Be sure to select someone who takes pride in their work and takes their job very seriously, but themselves not so much. And therefore, since I meet the above requirements, I nominate myself as your Wood Handrail Installer of choice for Lafayette Hill PA, Wyndmoor, Gladwynne, Jenkintown, so give Ron a call for your FREE consultation ($250 value).    

Ron's Cell 215-694-5046