Friday, March 1, 2019

Custom Stairs And Rails Iron Balusters Installers Evesham NJ

Circular Stair with Iron Panels
Brand New Foyer

Tuscan Panels


Radius Level Rail

Old World Elegance

Brand New Look

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Here's a great example of Custom Stairs and Rails and Iron Panels and Balusters designed to show the true beauty of the circular staircase, installed by professional Installers in Evesham NJ. With 30 years of experience in the field, we can tackle your most challenging jobs. If you can dream it, we can create it.

The homeowner here had replaced all her trim with stained hickory years earlier, and wanted the stairs and rails to match. She searched online and found me, (she typed in something like "best stair guy on the planet" or something like that lol)...we met with her and her husband, and showed her some options, and this is what she decided on. She saw a job we had done earlier, and said "that's it, that's what I want!" I love when a customer is certain about what they want. It makes my job much easier. Some folks want me to make the decision for them, and I will, but, it just takes the pressure off me if they are decisive, and have done some homework prior to meeting with me.

Note: If you're not as decisive, that's ok, we'll help you narrow down the options to what best suits your foyer, personal taste, style and budget.

To me the more educated the consumer is about stairs and rails, the better....

That is not to say, you must research for years before calling me, I'm just saying, it's better if you did at least 1 or 2 searches on Google images, or Pinterest, or someplace like that, before our appointment to get acquainted with what some of the possibilities are for your foyer/staircase.

By the way these are Tuscan Iron Panels in satin black with straight bars in between. This job took about a week to complete. And this particular job came in at under $20K. A bargain for the quality of materials, amount of work and expertise involved. (When house was built, the builder would have charged $35K for the same thing but with half the quality.)

And I think you get a lot of bang for the buck. I always say, "You're making your foyer look like a million bucks for less than $20K!!"

 So, if you're anywhere near Evesham NJ and surrounding towns, and you want your very own Custom Stairs and Rails and Iron Panels and Iron Balusters professionally designed and installed by artisan Installers, then be sure to send Ron an email at or call him direct at 215-694-5046 to book your FREE CONSULTATION. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Wood Handrail With Custom Tuscany Iron Baluster Supplier Installer Cherry Hill NJ

Twin Tuscany Panels

Totally New Foyer

Refinished Stair and New Handrail

Black Iron Panels

Overlooking Family Room

Satin Black Iron Panels

Tuscany Panels

Single Panel

If you're looking for a solution to your dated foyer, you may want to switch to  a Wood Handrail with some Custom Iron Panels And Balusters like we did here in Cherry Hill NJ.  A fellow contractor who does all kinds of flooring called me and said "I need some real handrails for my new house!......what can you do for me?" So I said " You won't believe this but I need some new flooring for my old house". So after a little.....ok a lot of haggling, he decided on this design, and I got all new floors throughout my house. Sometimes it's good to know other good contractors. Note the special design on the landing. Anyway, we've done lots of work for each other over the years, and it was funny that we both needed each others' expertise at about the same time. Up top we did two panels facing each other with a bar welded in the middle. There are multiple ways of working panels into your overall design. On the steps we did single panels every third tread or so. Iron panels are great, but just so you know, they tend to cost @ 10 times the price of a "normal" iron baluster which tends to be @ $8-$20 range.  These stairs were refinished and all new floors were installed throughout the house. As well as new moldings, raised panels, and beams in family room. So, if you're in Cherry Hill NJ or surrounding towns, and you're looking for some Custom Iron Panels and Balusters with your Wood Handrail, then give Ron a call at  his direct line 215-694-5046 or send an email to and set up your FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your options and your desired style and timelines.