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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Replace Stairs Handrails Iron Balusters Blue Bell PA

Here we Replace Stairs and Install new Oak Handrails and install beautiful old-world Tuscan style Iron Balusters in Blue Bell PA. We helped an extremely discerning homeowner design her very own creation to fit her home's decor. Her wise husband wisely allowed her complete freedom while she went through the selection process. Whenever he was asked what he thought, he wisely said "I love it!!" And I must say, she really did a good job of allowing him multiple opportunities to agree with her. They really were a cute couple. It was nice to see.  It's not every day you see a happily married couple who know how to communicate, and show love and respect for one another especially in an environment where contracting and design questions need to be discussed and decided. And, I think she did a fabulous job of selecting just the right design, don't you think?

Ok, where were we? Oh yeah, so, anyway, we pulled out the old builder grade posts, rail, and wood balusters, and replaced them with what you see here. It looks like we Replaced the Stairs but we just refinished the treads and repainted the staircase and it looks brand new. It helped that her stair was in really good shape to begin with. We installed the new posts and handrails and drilled all the holes for the iron balusters to be installed later. The painter then came in and stained everything to perfection, and we followed him with the iron balusters within a day or two of polyurethane drying.

So, if you're in the Blue Bell PA or surrounding area, like Ft Washington, Lafayette Hill, Plymouth Meeting, Springhouse, Gwynedd, Abington, or Ambler, and are as wise as this husband, be sure to give Ron a call today and setup your FREE consultation. He can be reached at 215-694-5046, or his email is You can get back in your wife's good graces in no time,  and she'll glory in her very own brand new Handrails and Iron Balusters. She may even tell you how smart you are and how strong you are, and how good-looking you.....ok, ok,  maybe we're going a bit too far, but you get the point.

Job shown--typical price range --@ $6,000-$9,000
Time frame--typical--@ 1-2 weeks