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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wood Stair and Handrail Installer Huntingdon Valley PA

                                                          All oak stair and handrail

                                            Left hand open circular stair with oak balusters

                                                             Upstairs landing rail

                                    Rake rail down to volute sitting on bullnose starting step

                                                                  Level radius rail

                                                                  Beautiful stain job

 Volute post surrounded with with new oak balusters

Here's another fine example of what your local professional Wood Stair and Handrail Installer in Huntingdon Valley PA, can do for your home. The existing stair was in fairly good condition, so homeowner decided to save it and have it refinished. The existing iron rail was something out of 1974 when house was built. If I find a before photo I'll be sure to post it here, it was hideous. She chose a simple yet elegant design, which I think fits the space perfectly. And, I think the natural finish goes well with the floors that were also refinished. We had to template the existing staircase to be able to copy the radius of the stair exactly, so that our rail would fit exactly, so that when we installed the posts and balusters everything fit, well, you guessed it...exactly. Two days to install, in and out, another happy homeowner. If your circular stair handrail is loose as a goose, and you're afraid to let folks walk up or down without cautioning them not to use your rail, (because it would be safer) then maybe it's time you called Ron, your local professional Wood Stair and Rail Installer in Huntingdon Valley PA, and schedule your FREE consultation ($250 value), and take advantage of his 25 years of experience.

Ron's cell 215-694-5046