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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Replace Wrought Iron Rail Aston PA

Existing Wrought Iron Rail----Before
Carpeted Stairs----Before
Carpet Everywhere

Old Wrought Iron
58,000 Staples Under That Carpet

Your Basic Bolt Down Wrought Iron Rail From The 70's
                                                          Painted Box Newels With Flat Panels

                                                             Square Painted Balusters

                                                  Balusters Sitting on New Oak Stringer Cap

                                                 Newly Stained Oak Treads And Risers

                                                                    Top Looking Down

                                                            New Oak Handrail

                                                            Brand New Hardwood Foyer

                                                            Looks like a Brand New Stair

                                                    Totally Transforms the Basement

 Here we Replace the hideous old Wrought Iron Rail and carpeted stair, and replace it with this tasteful combination of painted box newels, square balusters and new oak handrail. It totally transformed their living space, upstairs and downstairs. Removing the staples was fun, and we got them out in less than a day.....bonus! If you've ever done it, you know what I'm talking about, and these were all oak, so it was doubly fun, staples don't like coming out of oak. This took about three and a half days to complete. The family took a few days and went on vacation, or visited relatives, I can't remember, but we did all the work while they were gone, (which, I think was good for everybody involved...they had two very young and two very curious boys) and came back to a brand-new foyer, stair and rail. So, If you're looking to go on vacation in next few weeks or months and want to surprise your spouse, (or yourself, for that matter), with a brand new foyer when you get back home, go ahead and schedule your FREE no-hassle consultation ($250 value) with Ron at 215-694-5046, or at the email below. Whether you need to Replace your  old Wrought Iron, or wood rail, and you're near Aston PA, Garnet Valley, or surrounding towns give me a call.

Contact: Ron Hartman
Cell 215-694-5046