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Monday, January 19, 2015

New Circular Handrail Cherry Hill NJ

Refinished oak treads matching the new oak handrail

White balusters to match the painted risers and stringers

 Upstairs level radius rail

New painted balusters

Customer gets their dramatic entrance back better than original

 Existing treads sanded down and re-stained

Radius rake rail descending down to volute

BEFORE: Existing volute with lots of damage

 BEFORE: Maybe the dog got hungry... Very chewed up

 BEFORE: Old rake height 4" too low for today's code standards

 BEFORE: Level rail low as well, by 2"

BEFORE: More than 4" between balusters, another code violation

This customer wanted a New Circular Handrail for their newly purchased home in Cherry Hill NJ. The existing rail was badly damaged and looked like a dog may have chewed on it in addition to it being very loose. The original smaller balusters and posts contributed to the decline of the rigidity of the rail over time. The rail heights were too low and the spaces between balusters were too wide by today's code standards. Rake must be 34" high, level rails must be 36", and you cannot have a space bigger than 4" anywhere in the balustrade system. Given all these factors the homeowner decided to replace the rail, post, and balusters in addition to repairing and reinforcing the stair from underneath. Because it's an existing circular stair, we had to template the stair to be able to manufacture the rail and have it match the stair radius exactly. Ironically, I have a good working relationship with the stair company that built the original stair and they were able to match the rail to the stair perfectly. We took out the old and installed the new posts and rail, followed by the re-finisher who sanded down the treads and re-stained them as well as the rail and posts. Once he was done, I came back in and installed the balusters, and we were done. Start to finish, my work took about 4 days. So if your old circular handrail is falling apart or you fear your children falling down it, give Ron Hartman a call to schedule your FREE consultation ($250 value) so we can give you your New Circular Handrail whether you live in Cherry Hill NJ, Haddonfield, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, or any other surrounding towns.

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