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Friday, January 16, 2015

Custom Handrail With Iron Panels Penn Valley PA

                                                    New oak rail with natural finish

Continuous rail from top to bottom

Single knuckle, double knuckle, alternating iron baluster pattern

New hardwood floors matching the post and rail 

 Rebecca iron panels in mirror image pattern

 View from upper hallway

 Down the hallway

 Family room overlook

 Iron panels separated by alternating baluster design

 Rebecca panels in satin black

BEFORE: Typical 70's painted version of the Brady Bunch stair

We recently transformed this foyer in Penn Valley PA with this Custom Handrail With Iron Panels. The felonious Brady Bunch rail did not meet the 4" sphere rule in multiple places, not to mention the 40 year old design that had to go. The new iron balusters and panels are in keeping with the contemporary styling of the house. These elegant panels allow for the look and feel of a fully custom fabricated iron railing. The old rail was removed, and new rail was installed in about a week. I installed the posts, handrail, and nosing and drilled all the holes for the iron. Next the floor guy installed the floors, then put a natural finish on both the floor and rail. Once he was done, I came back and installed the iron balusters and panels to complete the job. So if you want to change the channel on your 70's sitcom rail and happen to live in Penn Valley PA, or in any other town in the Delaware Valley,  you too can have a Custom Handrail with Iron Panels (or wood balusters if you prefer), by calling Ron and scheduling your FREE consultation ($250 value).

Ron's Cell 215-694-5046