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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wood Stair and Handrail Installer Huntingdon Valley PA

                                                          All oak stair and handrail

                                            Left hand open circular stair with oak balusters

                                                             Upstairs landing rail

                                    Rake rail down to volute sitting on bullnose starting step

                                                                  Level radius rail

                                                                  Beautiful stain job

 Volute post surrounded with with new oak balusters

Here's another fine example of what your local professional Wood Stair and Handrail Installer in Huntingdon Valley PA, can do for your home. The existing stair was in fairly good condition, so homeowner decided to save it and have it refinished. The existing iron rail was something out of 1974 when house was built. If I find a before photo I'll be sure to post it here, it was hideous. She chose a simple yet elegant design, which I think fits the space perfectly. And, I think the natural finish goes well with the floors that were also refinished. We had to template the existing staircase to be able to copy the radius of the stair exactly, so that our rail would fit exactly, so that when we installed the posts and balusters everything fit, well, you guessed it...exactly. Two days to install, in and out, another happy homeowner. If your circular stair handrail is loose as a goose, and you're afraid to let folks walk up or down without cautioning them not to use your rail, (because it would be safer) then maybe it's time you called Ron, your local professional Wood Stair and Rail Installer in Huntingdon Valley PA, and schedule your FREE consultation ($250 value), and take advantage of his 25 years of experience.

Ron's cell 215-694-5046

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wood Handrail Installer Lafayette Hill PA


How do you decide on your Wood Handrail Installer in the Lafayette Hill PA area? What exactly do you look for? Well for one you would expect that they would have a long track record of consistent quality (say, around 25 years... Ok, 24yrs 10 months 3 weeks and 2 days, but who's keeping track?). You'd look for a long line of dozens of happy customers year in and year out (last year, 38 to be exact, but who's counting?). You would want them to be able to handle any and all issues that will arise when you replace your stair and or rail, regardless of your stair layout, or your home's dimensions. Whether you have a scissor stair, L shape, straight run, winder treads, circular, spiral, or flared stair (to name a few), you want someone who has dealt with all these kinds of stairs. Someone who prides themselves on their ability to cater to your wishes when it comes to constructing the dream stair you envision. We install every stair and rail as if it were our own, because it is. Once I'm done and I know everything is perfect and the artwork is complete, the customer buys it off of me and him and his family get to enjoy it for decades to come, blah blah blah blah blah.... whatever! Be sure to select someone who takes pride in their work and takes their job very seriously, but themselves not so much. And therefore, since I meet the above requirements, I nominate myself as your Wood Handrail Installer of choice for Lafayette Hill PA, Wyndmoor, Gladwynne, Jenkintown, so give Ron a call for your FREE consultation ($250 value).    

Ron's Cell 215-694-5046

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Circular Handrail Cherry Hill NJ

Refinished oak treads matching the new oak handrail

White balusters to match the painted risers and stringers

 Upstairs level radius rail

New painted balusters

Customer gets their dramatic entrance back better than original

 Existing treads sanded down and re-stained

Radius rake rail descending down to volute

BEFORE: Existing volute with lots of damage

 BEFORE: Maybe the dog got hungry... Very chewed up

 BEFORE: Old rake height 4" too low for today's code standards

 BEFORE: Level rail low as well, by 2"

BEFORE: More than 4" between balusters, another code violation

This customer wanted a New Circular Handrail for their newly purchased home in Cherry Hill NJ. The existing rail was badly damaged and looked like a dog may have chewed on it in addition to it being very loose. The original smaller balusters and posts contributed to the decline of the rigidity of the rail over time. The rail heights were too low and the spaces between balusters were too wide by today's code standards. Rake must be 34" high, level rails must be 36", and you cannot have a space bigger than 4" anywhere in the balustrade system. Given all these factors the homeowner decided to replace the rail, post, and balusters in addition to repairing and reinforcing the stair from underneath. Because it's an existing circular stair, we had to template the stair to be able to manufacture the rail and have it match the stair radius exactly. Ironically, I have a good working relationship with the stair company that built the original stair and they were able to match the rail to the stair perfectly. We took out the old and installed the new posts and rail, followed by the re-finisher who sanded down the treads and re-stained them as well as the rail and posts. Once he was done, I came back in and installed the balusters, and we were done. Start to finish, my work took about 4 days. So if your old circular handrail is falling apart or you fear your children falling down it, give Ron Hartman a call to schedule your FREE consultation ($250 value) so we can give you your New Circular Handrail whether you live in Cherry Hill NJ, Haddonfield, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, or any other surrounding towns.

Ron's Cell 215-694-5046

Friday, January 16, 2015

Custom Handrail With Iron Panels Penn Valley PA

                                                    New oak rail with natural finish

Continuous rail from top to bottom

Single knuckle, double knuckle, alternating iron baluster pattern

New hardwood floors matching the post and rail 

 Rebecca iron panels in mirror image pattern

 View from upper hallway

 Down the hallway

 Family room overlook

 Iron panels separated by alternating baluster design

 Rebecca panels in satin black

BEFORE: Typical 70's painted version of the Brady Bunch stair

We recently transformed this foyer in Penn Valley PA with this Custom Handrail With Iron Panels. The felonious Brady Bunch rail did not meet the 4" sphere rule in multiple places, not to mention the 40 year old design that had to go. The new iron balusters and panels are in keeping with the contemporary styling of the house. These elegant panels allow for the look and feel of a fully custom fabricated iron railing. The old rail was removed, and new rail was installed in about a week. I installed the posts, handrail, and nosing and drilled all the holes for the iron. Next the floor guy installed the floors, then put a natural finish on both the floor and rail. Once he was done, I came back and installed the iron balusters and panels to complete the job. So if you want to change the channel on your 70's sitcom rail and happen to live in Penn Valley PA, or in any other town in the Delaware Valley,  you too can have a Custom Handrail with Iron Panels (or wood balusters if you prefer), by calling Ron and scheduling your FREE consultation ($250 value).

Ron's Cell 215-694-5046

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

New Wood Stair With Iron Balusters Ambler PA

                                                      New Brazilian Cherry Stair and Handrail

                                     Single Diamond, Double Diamond, Square Hammered,
                                          Iron Balusters separated by Straight Hammered Bar

                                  Double Open Stair with Volutes over Bullnose starting step

                                                        Continuous handrail upstairs

                                             New Hardwood Handrail Iron Balusters

                              Trim molding under Brazilian Cherry face boards and Stringers

                                                 Before: Original Boxed Stair about to be removed

                                                             Original Handrail upstairs

                                                                 More Before Photos

                                                Builder Grade Stair with Carpet Removed

We just finished this New Wood Stair With Iron Balusters in Ambler PA. The owner of this home hated his carpeted, big box builder, lumber yard grade stair, and wanted his stair and rail to match his new Brazilian cherry floors. Note the original block top newel posts we replaced with pin top posts so rail can go "over-the-post", which gives you a seamless continuous handrail from top to bottom. We pulled out the old boxed stair and installed the new double open solid Brazilian cherry stair in about 5 hours. We then started installing the upper posts and handrail the same day. The rest  of handrail installation and trim took about a week. Homeowner then had everything stained and painted, and I came back a week later and installed the final trim and iron balusters. So, if you're looking to replace your old, tired, carpeted, painted, worn, unseemly stair, and are in need of a New Wood Stair With (or without) Iron Balusters in Ambler PA (and surrounding areas, Horsham, Blue Bell, Ft Washington),  be sure to give Ron a call to schedule your FREE consultation ($250 value).

Cell 215-694-5046


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Replace Wrought Iron Rail Aston PA

Existing Wrought Iron Rail----Before
Carpeted Stairs----Before
Carpet Everywhere

Old Wrought Iron
58,000 Staples Under That Carpet

Your Basic Bolt Down Wrought Iron Rail From The 70's
                                                          Painted Box Newels With Flat Panels

                                                             Square Painted Balusters

                                                  Balusters Sitting on New Oak Stringer Cap

                                                 Newly Stained Oak Treads And Risers

                                                                    Top Looking Down

                                                            New Oak Handrail

                                                            Brand New Hardwood Foyer

                                                            Looks like a Brand New Stair

                                                    Totally Transforms the Basement

 Here we Replace the hideous old Wrought Iron Rail and carpeted stair, and replace it with this tasteful combination of painted box newels, square balusters and new oak handrail. It totally transformed their living space, upstairs and downstairs. Removing the staples was fun, and we got them out in less than a day.....bonus! If you've ever done it, you know what I'm talking about, and these were all oak, so it was doubly fun, staples don't like coming out of oak. This took about three and a half days to complete. The family took a few days and went on vacation, or visited relatives, I can't remember, but we did all the work while they were gone, (which, I think was good for everybody involved...they had two very young and two very curious boys) and came back to a brand-new foyer, stair and rail. So, If you're looking to go on vacation in next few weeks or months and want to surprise your spouse, (or yourself, for that matter), with a brand new foyer when you get back home, go ahead and schedule your FREE no-hassle consultation ($250 value) with Ron at 215-694-5046, or at the email below. Whether you need to Replace your  old Wrought Iron, or wood rail, and you're near Aston PA, Garnet Valley, or surrounding towns give me a call.

Contact: Ron Hartman
Cell 215-694-5046