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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Iron Baluster Installer Stair Manufacturer Glassboro NJ

                                               Iron Balusters Installed Glassboro NJ

                                                 New Stair Manufacturer Glassboro NJ

                                              New Shadow Boxes going up the staircase

                                                 New hardwood treads and painted risers

                                                                 Before with carpet

 Before.... with pre-fabricated rail sections that builder had installer screw down to capped wall...install time....about 4 minutes.

                                            Before.. Rail post to post style with square balusters








A homeowner in Glassboro NJ with a classic L-shape stair that was in dire need of a professional Iron Baluster Installer and Stair Manufacturer contacted me and asked for help. She had been wanting to re-do her stair for a lot of years, (can't remember how many...ever since she moved in, I remember that, she always hated it.) Upon arriving, and in the course of our conversation, I could tell she was apprehensive about something. It turns out she had several contractors out to look at her project, and some of the numbers they gave her were outrageous. I assured her I had done this hundreds of times, and that I would be giving her a reasonable number, that was based on 24 years of experience doing nothing but stair and rail projects, big and small, new and old, modern and traditional, iron and wood, and everything in between. She was thrilled and very relieved that I was able to come in within budget, and within her desired time line. So we ripped out the carpet, (and the million staples), the pre-fab rail, and balusters, and installed all new. Just in time for her daughters' prom pictures on the stair, the day after I took these photos. So, if you're searching for a professional Stair Manufacturer, or Iron Baluster Installer, in and around the Glassboro, Mullica Hill, Washington Twp, Turnersville, Voorhees, or Cherry Hill area, give me a call at 215-694-5046215-694-5046, or send me an email at to schedule your FREE consultation with Ron Hartman, (a $250 value.)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stair Manufacturer Rail Installer Medford NJ

                                                     New Stair Manufacturer Medford NJ

                                                              Rail Installer Medford NJ

                            New Staircase rebuilt in place with new shadow boxes up the far wall

                                       New carpet runner puts the finishing touch on staircase

Your local Stair Manufacturer Rail Installer in Medford NJ. Initially this homeowner wanted to refinish her treads (sand off old stain and restain) and have me install a new railing for her. Upon close inspection of her stair, I discovered a lot of movement in the staircase overall, and numerous treads and risers with cracks and splits all the way through the wood, making that tread very weak because it was in two, sometimes three pieces. When I see that, I know we have to gut all the treads and risers and basically rebuild a new stair in place or pull entire staircase out and replace with new, stringers and all. The stringers were in decent shape, so we gave her all new treads and risers, and new rail, post, and balusters. Ron Hartman has been restoring and repairing and replacing entire staircases and handrails for 24 years from Princeton to Paoli, and from Point Pleasant to Pottstown, and every town in between. If you notice lots of movement in your stair as you ascend and descend, be sure to give me a call and schedule your FREE consultation with your local Stair Manufacturer and Rail Installer in and around Medford NJ, at 215-694-5046215-694-5046, or email me at