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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Install Repair Replace Stair and Rail Cherry Hill

Whether you need me to Install, Repair, or Replace your Stair and Rail in Cherry Hill, we'll do it all.  I've done quite a few homes in Barclay Farms over the years, and this is one of the most recent.

   Here's another job where the homeowner really wanted to do it right. When I met the young professional (stockbroker?...or insurance maybe?....can't remember) and his wife and little ones to give my estimate, he had just bought the house and removed just about everything down to the studs. He said he wanted to start over, and do it right. When I hear lines like that, I know we're going to get along just fine. For such a young guy, he had a lot of confidence that what he was doing was the only way to go. That's always nice to see, because it seems so many young men have no confidence whatsoever. He did a lot of the work himself, (and did nice work if I may say so, especially not being a professional) and that's nice to see also, because those guys tend to appreciate what we do just a little more.  

   So, a few months later, I came in and gave him a brand-new both sides open, lower stair with a double bullnose starting step. Then we installed the posts, handrail, and white balusters. He then had the trim carpenter install "shadow boxes" along the walls and they really add a nice finishing touch. After the floors were installed, and the painter stained and painted everything, he's got a brand new house. So, if you're tired of your old tired stair, rail, balusters, or posts, give me a call, at 215-694-5046, or send me an email at to schedule your FREE design consultation. (A $250 value) We're looking forward to your call so we can help you Install, Repair, or Replace your Stair, and Rail in Cherry Hill NJ, and have your house looking like this, and making a great first impression when friends and family and neighbors come over for parties and holidays, and birthdays, and graduations, and christenings, and bar/bat mitzvahs, or even just to watch the big game.