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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Repair Wood Stairs Philadelphia PA

Repair Wood Stairs Philadelphia PA

First Floor
Glass panels with oak rail on top
Going up to 2nd Floor

2nd Floor with glass panel

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor looking down

Very cool glass panels on each level to let more light in and enable you to see from 4th floor down to first
 Repair Wood Stairs Philadelphia PA. This was a fun stairway remodel project. We removed the main stair and went on to install a brand new staircase in it's place. The 2nd floor stair, and the 3rd floor stair were in decent shape, for the most part. We had to repair the 3rd floor stair about a third of the way up. The treads and risers needed to be replaced, so that they matched the rise and run measurement of the rest of the stairway. This was for an architect living on Pine St in downtown Philadelphia. Only an architect would come up with the idea for the glass panels in the floors. I really like the look. It takes a little getting used to, as you're walking around, because you're just not accustomed to seeing it everyday, and, it's a long way down from the 4th floor.

 She was great to work with. She knew exactly what she wanted, and it was my job to make it happen. I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. She wanted a clean, minimalist look. Round oak rail, round oak newel posts, and round, painted balusters. In the den, she wanted the glass panels with the round rail sitting right on top, overlooking the kitchen below, to keep the open, glass, modern look going throughout.  I think she did a good job. She hired the right stair and rail contractor I know that.

Speaking of the contractor, if you're in need of any wood stair railing repairs in the Philadelphia area,
don't hesitate to give  Ron  a call/text at  215-694-5046,  or email him at  to schedule your FREE consultation with your local specialist and take advantage of his 25 years of experience with Repairing Wood Stairs in Philadelphia PA and surrounding towns.