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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Iron Balusters Huntingdon Valley PA

          Here's a nice example of what's possible with Iron Balusters in Huntingdon Valley PA. This customer had just bought this nice house but wanted to "freshen up the place a bit" before she moved in. The builder grade wood balusters "had to go." She wanted to add some elegance to her new house, (not to mention the great added value when selling the property), without breaking the bank. And swapping out the old wood balusters for new iron pieces is a great way to do that. The existing posts and handrail were in good shape and installed well originally, and she liked them, so we kept them in place. We went over several design choices that were possible, given the spaces she was working with, and we, okay, she, came up with this. It's a nice look, not too busy, not too austere, and gives you a nice visual throughout the foyer/hallway area of the house. She went with satin black, which is a good universal color, for most people, especially if you don't know for sure how long you're going to be living in a particular house. Oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper, continue to be very popular color choices as well.

       So, if you're tired of your old, wooden balusters, that may be loose, or chipped, or broken, or just not the look you want for your home anymore, give me a call, text, or email. If you live in Huntingdon Valley, or any of the surrounding towns, like Rockledge, or Southampton, or Willow Grove, Dresher, Horsham, Glenside, Abington, Feasterville, or Richboro, I'd love to install your new Iron Balusters for you and give your home that touch of elegance you've been looking for.

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