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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Stair and Rail in MT Laurel NJ

New Stair and Rail in Mt Laurel NJ. All-new Maple Treads, Posts and Handrail. Painted risers and Balusters. The wall under the main stair was opened up so there could be a handrail in the hallway, and make the basement more inviting, and less hidden from the rest of the house. The basement rails were replaced as well to match what was done on first and second floors. Homeowner wanted his stairway to be a little more grand. Maybe to match the baby grand in the living room he loved to play. I pulled out all the old handrail, balusters, treads and risers, and replaced them in place. Sometimes I pull entire staircase out of the house if it's in really bad shape. The stringers weren't bad, and there are lots of moldings surrounding the stair, as you can see. So, I left the stringers, and horses in place and did everything on-site. If your daughters' going to be getting married soon, or in the next 20 years, be sure your staircase is a little more grand. But why wait for the wedding, get started now, and let her enjoy the new stair for a little while. She'll thank you for it later when she shows you the beautiful wedding photos of her standing on your New Stair and Rail in Mt Laurel NJ.