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Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Stairs and Rails in Philadelphia

Here's a fine example of a New Stair and Rail replacement in Philadelphia. We completely removed old staircases and handrails, and re-framed new openings for the brand-new shiny, rock-solid oak stairs to fit right in place. Old stairs were very steep and had a very shallow step. Very dangerous. Now stairs and rails are up to code and very comfortable to walk up and down, and much safer for the children. This is on Race St near the Art Museum. Working in the city does pose some unique challenges, but it's definitely worth it when you're all done and the customer is loving their new stair and rail. And you know they'll be enjoying it for the next twenty to thirty years. Do you have an unsafe stair situation? Has anyone fallen down your stairs? I sure hope not. But, if they have, or you have, then you should get your stairs and rails checked out by a qualified Philadelphia area stair builder.
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