Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stairs and Rails Foxchase Northeast Philadelphia

                                                              3rd floor going down

                                                                   2nd floor going up

                                                                              2nd floor


                                                          Looking down on 1st floor

                                                                  1st floor going up

                                                                              1st floor

                                                      1st floor going down to basement




Custom Stairs and Rails in Foxchase neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia. Maybe the ugliest "BEFORE" stair and rail pictures ever. An apartment building on Rhawn Street had a fire last year, and suffered extensive damage. While they were re-habbing the building, they decided to re-do the stairs and rails like they'd been wanting to do for years, even though this staircase was unaffected by the fire, and they weren't required to replace it. But they're sure glad they did. What a difference. So much safer for the residents, and visitors, and children living there. And so much easier on the eyes. The architect drew up plans, I submitted them downtown and got the permit, the framers came in and re-framed all the well openings, the drywallers immediately followed them, and we delivered the 3 staircases the next day. I had 7 guys helping me that day, we had plenty of muscle, which you surely need with solid oak commercial size stairs. I then strung all the posts, rail, and balusters, and the painters came in right behind us and painted and stained everything. Carpet arrived a few days later, and the residents have their building back, much better than it was new, back in the sixties.

 If you're concerned with your apartment complexes' stair and rail issues, or even with your personal home, be sure to call/text, or email Ron in Foxchase for all your Custom Stair and Rail needs.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Replace Handrail Haddonfield NJ

Replace your old Handrail in Haddonfield NJ. The new homeowners had all the floors resurfaced and stained and wanted the old rail replaced to match the floors. The original rail was too low, and too weak and shaky, and too ugly. There wasn't a lot to love about it. So, I raised the new rail to the correct heights...34" on the rake rail, and 36" on the level rail. New posts, new balusters, and new rail. The stair was in pretty good shape, structurally, so, they sanded them with the rest of the floors. We had to template the curve on the bottom two treads, so we could have the rail made to match exactly. If you're tired of your old, dilapidated staircase, or handrail, or both, give me a call. I've Replaced many of your neighbors' Handrails in Haddonfield NJ, but there are many more that still need my help. If you're one of them, don't hesitate to give me a call or text at 215-694-5046. Or shoot me an email at Heck, if you're really old school, send me a fax at 215-745-1464. My old fax machine still works, but I must say, I don't get as many as I used to.
Of course, I also Replace Handrails in all the surrounding towns as well, Collingswood, Haddon Heights, Cherry Hill, Westmont, Voorhees, Marlton, Mt Laurel, Moorestown, Maple ShadePennsauken, Medford, etc.
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Stairs and Rails in Philadelphia

Here's a fine example of a New Stair and Rail replacement in Philadelphia. We completely removed old staircases and handrails, and re-framed new openings for the brand-new shiny, rock-solid oak stairs to fit right in place. Old stairs were very steep and had a very shallow step. Very dangerous. Now stairs and rails are up to code and very comfortable to walk up and down, and much safer for the children. This is on Race St near the Art Museum. Working in the city does pose some unique challenges, but it's definitely worth it when you're all done and the customer is loving their new stair and rail. And you know they'll be enjoying it for the next twenty to thirty years. Do you have an unsafe stair situation? Has anyone fallen down your stairs? I sure hope not. But, if they have, or you have, then you should get your stairs and rails checked out by a qualified Philadelphia area stair builder.
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