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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Iron Balusters in Evesham Twp NJ

This house in Evesham Twp with Iron Balusters was fun to do. The bigger they are, the more fun they are to do. And to look at. Everybody loves the Flared Main Stair. It makes such a dramatic difference when you walk in the front door. And when you walk up the Stairs.
Homeowner gave me a picture from a magazine that she wanted to incorporate into her Balcony Rail. I then gave it to my iron specialist and he created the Custom Iron Panel that makes such a difference especially when viewing from the family room. The back stair pie shaped treads were first laid out and drawn on a cad system to ensure the exact fit for that well opening. This home builders' procedure is always the same. (Every builder has his own way of doing things) He puts the roof on, puts the windows in, installs the doors, and makes sure the house is dry, and then we deliver and install stair. (This stair was not light with that flare) House is then finished all the way to paint, and then I come in with all the rail parts and do the Install of the Posts, Rail, Nosings, and Iron Balusters.
If you're ready to build your custom home, and want the Stair and Rail to be the best you can find, to match the rest of your home, give me a call and make an appointment.
My cell 215-694-5046