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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Grand Circular Staircase in Washington Twp NJ

Grand, Double Open, Oak, Circular Stair and Rail in Washington Twp. NJ. Simple, yet elegant Iron Balusters provide old- world charm and sophistication to this familys' living room and foyer.This was fun to install. There's nothing quite like a full, stand-alone, hardwood, circular stair to make a dramatic first impression. Notice the long span on outside radius of stair with no newel post to act as an anchor like you have in corners and at beginning and ending points of railing. But, what gives the long span of rail it's sturdiness and rigidity, is the radius itself. If your house isn't this grand, that's okay, mine isn't either...yet. If your house makes this house look like a shotgun shack, that's okay too. We work with any and all size projects, great or small. paint or stain. Wood, or Iron Balusters. Choose any species of wood you like, oak, cherry, maple, walnut, mahogany, white oak, brazilian cherry....etc. Your choices really are almost too many to list. Many people comment to me about feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of making a decision with all the varieties and styles to choose from. I am often asked, "What would you choose?" So I walk them through some of my favorites, (while keeping an eye on their decor and furnishings) and why they're my faves, and show them some pictures of that style and color, so they can get more of a feel for what they can expect their home to look like with same selections. So, whether you have a straight, curved, angled, scissor, L-shape, or, a double open Grand Circular Hardwood Staircase, give me a call at:
Ron Hartman Woodwork