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Monday, February 22, 2010

Oak Stair and Rail with Iron Balusters Cherry Hill NJ

Here's a new construction all Oak Double Open Flared Stair and Rail with Iron Balusters in Cherry Hill NJ. Handrail is "Charleston" 6800 series. Newel posts are "Carolina" 4410. Iron balusters are"Tuscan" 2.9.5 & 2.9.6 in Satin black powdercoat. Manufactured and installed for local custom home builder, to customers' spec's.
all part #'s from my main supplier
I typically work for the small, custom home builder, who builds less than 10 homes per year, and who wants it done right, the first time and every time. The big box builders generally don't care about you or your working conditions, or the quality of your work. With the big national builders' it always comes down to three things; 1.Price. 2.Price. & 3.Price. That's all they care about. That's why I can't work for them, and never could. There's no appreciation whatsoever of craftsmanship, pride of work, etc. My main source of work, for last 6-7 tears has been ripping out and replacing old, (sometimes less than 2 years), stairs and rails and balusters, that were done poorly, and incorrectly the first time. There are still some good builders out there, and just like everything else, you just have to do your homework a little to find them. If you're in the process right now, give me a call, and I'll try to point you in the right dirtection.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Custom Handrail in Haddonfield NJ

Here's a beautiful Custom Handrail on a beautiful circular stair in a beautiful house, in beautiful, historic Haddonfield NJ, installed by a beautiful m......whoah, whoah, hold on, stop right there. Sorry. I got stuck on beautiful. "You had me at..........beautiful" Alright, alright, onto the technical stuff. We used the oak 6800 "Charleston" rail with 4410 twisted 3 1/2"newel posts to match the 4415 twisted, 1 3/4" balusters. Stair is all oak with mahogany stain. Attention to detail is what separates the ok from the exceptional.

All part #'s are from my fave supplier;
So whether you live in Cherry Hill, Marlton, Moorestown, Mt. Laurel, Evesham, Medford, Voorhees, Haddonfield, or even down the shore;
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