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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stair safety tips

Local Contractor Helps Homeowners Make Their Homes Safer

Top Ten Steps For Making Your Stairway Safer

\We all know someone who has fallen down the stairs. Several times it's been you or me. I'm here to teach you 10 steps you can take to lessen the risk of having an accident on or around your stairway.

Step 1. Keep ALL clutter off the stair. Unlike what The Three Stooges said..they're not shelves.

Step 2.No loose carpeting. If carpeted, make sure carpeting is tight to treads and risers throughout.

Step 3. No wax. If not carpeted, do not use wax anything on stairs. No wax-on. Just wax-off.

Step 4. Grab your handrail and give it a good back-and-forth yank. Would your Grandma feel safe using it? If not call your local stair and rail expert. (Ron)

Step 5. Have one of the larger (read heaviest) members of your family walk up and down the stairway as you stand beside it. (if possible) Does it move significantly? If so be sure and call your local stair and rail expert (Ron)

Step 6. Break out your trusty family tape measure. (It's in Mom’s junk drawer in the kitchen) Check to make sure each riser height is the same throughout.

Step 7. Measure each tread length to ensure consistency from top to bottom of stairway.

Step 8. Break out the trusty family level. (It's in the garage with Pops' tools) Lay level on each tread from left to right. Again, to confirm consistency throughout.

Step 9. Now place level on each tread from front to back. If noticeably or shockingly out of level, again, please call your highly trained local stair and rail expert, (Ron)

Step 10. Check to make sure each tread is still attached securely to each corresponding riser.

Bonus step. 11. Skip steps 4 thru 10, and call your local stair and rail expert directly at 215-694-5046, and ask for Ron

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