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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Local Stair Remodeling Contractor Installs New Hardwood Stair and Rail and Iron Balusters In Moorestown NJ

                                             Looking Down to Front Door

                                                    Upper Rail
                                  Dramatic White Risers with Dark Stained Treads
New Hardwood Stair
  A young couple just moved into their new house and decided they hated the big box builder junk stairs and rails with carpet so they called the premier Local Stair Remodeling Professionals at Hartman Stairs and Rails to come and replace the old and ugly carpeted stair with an all-new Hardwood Stair and Rail with Iron Balusters in Moorestown NJ. This was a fairly straight-forward renovation. Everything went pretty much as planned. The old stairs came out relatively easily, and the new stair was in by @ 2-3 PM the same day. Then we started installing the upper posts and rail. If we start a job of this size on Monday, we're usually done 90% by Thursday. Don't call the GC, he doesn't know what he's doing, and he's just going to call me anyway, and then try to get 20-25% of the job from you just for making a phone call to me. Call us direct and save some money. If you're tired of looking at carpet on your stairs and lame $2 painted balusters, give Ron  a call at 215-694-5046 and set up your appointment for a FREE consultation with your premier Local Stair Remodeling Experts at Hartman Stairs and Rails and they can go over details and show you how you too can enjoy your very own New Hardwood Stairs and Rails with Iron Balusters in Moorestown, Mt Laurel, Medford, Voorhees, Evesham and other surrounding towns in southern NJ.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Stairs and Rails Installers and Iron Balusters Richboro PA

Iron Balusters Richboro

New Staircase Richboro PA

All Continuous HandRail Richboro PA

New Posts and Handrail Richboro PA

Dark Stain Handrail Richboro PA

All New Stair and Rail Richboro PA

Another job completed by your local expert Stairs and Rails Installers and Iron Balusters specialists in Richboro PA. This was just about a whole house re-do. New owners bought it and immediately gutted most of what was original. They then put in all new kitchen, new flooring, new trim, new stairs and rails, new lighting and plumbing fixtures, new front door, and now they have a beautiful,, basically new house. What a difference. I wish I had before photos. It's always nice to be able to do our work before homeowners move in. That way, we don't have to worry about kids or dogs or grandparents from a safety standpoint, when we leave at the end of a work day. We often work in lived in homes, and every once in a while, we get the call, like this house, and can work our magic before move-in day. And they don't have to put up with the inconvenience of us taking over their house either. Sure, we're nice, sure we're clean, sure, we do great work, but we're still doing major work to your house,while you're living there. And that's why we always stand on our head to make sure we do all we can to make it as pleasant as possible. So, whether you're in your house yet or not, be sure to give us a call at 215-694-5046 or send an email to and schedule your FREE  in-home consultation with Ron your local expert Stairs and Rails Installers who specialize in Iron Balusters in and around Richboro, New Hope, Newtown, Southampton, Wrightstown, and Jamison PA.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Custom Flared Stairs and Iron Balusters Mullica Hill NJ

Double Flared Stair
Bedroom Balcony

A Real "Main" Staircase

Beautiful Foyer

Catwalk With "Bumpout" Balcony 
Front Entrance View

Dining Room Side

Super Sturdy Rails


View Toward Front of House
A fun time was had by all as we worked on this Custom Flared Stairs and Rails and Iron Balusters in Mullica Hill NJ. A wonderful family. They have 4 or 5 great kids who, I think may have enjoyed the construction process more than the adults. I must say, it is very satisfying bringing customers ideas and dreams to life. And to hear their excitement and praise for a job well done makes it all worthwhile. Painted box newels, and oak handrail and an elegant iron baluster design help to make this house a home. A home that parents can feel safe for their 4 or 5 kids to run around in. This was new construction, obviously, and the painters weren't quite done as of date of photos. We do many different types of rails and stairs, and many different sizes of jobs. Some take one day, some take a week or two, or three. But no matter the size or style, or budget, we give you the same quality of work no matter what. We're not the slap-up crew the typical builder hires to "slap-up" the rails as fast as they can so they can run to the next house and do it again. We do it right, the first time, every time. So, if you want your house to be updated, upgraded, and brought into the modern age, and want your home to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank, give Ron  a call at 215-694-5046 and schedule your FREE stair design consultation, and we can talk about providing you with your very own Custom Flared Stairs and Rails and Iron Balusters in Mullica Hill NJ, or whatever style stairs, rails, or balusters you want in surrounding communities like Swedesboro, Washington Twp, Sewell, or Glassboro     

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Iron Balusters Stairs and Handrail Remodel in Moorestown NJ

New Iron Balusters and Hardwood Stairs and Handrail Remodel in Moorestown NJ. This was a real nice couple who both worked during the day and gave us access to the house for duration of the project. Can I say something here? I don't know why, but it seems like every job that is scheduled like that, always goes smoothly. Not saying others don't go smoothly, but maybe there's less pressure? or drama? and we can concentrate fully on task at hand instead of worrying about cats or dogs or children being near or around all the tools and open doors and such, and not having to juggle cars in the driveway daily.  I'm not complaining, but it is nice whenever there are less things to worry about.  So, if you need stair and rail work done, and you have a vacation scheduled in the near future, many folks schedule them at same time, to make life easier for them and us. And they come home to a brand new foyer/stair/rail, and they didn't have to live with the daily disruption of their life. Anyway, they couldn't be happier, after replacing the floors, and remodeling their master bath, we came in and removed the builder grade pine stairs that were set really badly out of level, and replaced them with a brand new custom fit stair built correctly, and installed correctly. We followed with the posts and rail and nosing, followed by the stainer/painter, and we came back and installed the iron balusters. So if you're living with that original builder grade stair that you hate, be sure to give Ron  a call at 215-694-5046 and schedule your FREE appointment, or send him some pics of your current foyer/stair to his email at, and he can often give you a very close approximate number from that. So, if you want your very own New Iron Balusters and hardwood Stairs and Handrail Remodel and you live in Moorestown NJ, or surrounding towns like Haddonfield, Mt Laurel, Medford, or Marlton, call today.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Staircase Contractor Iron Baluster Specialist Morrisville PA

Your Local Staircase Contractor and Iron Baluster Specialist in Morrisville PA. This was a very clean job. Some jobs are easier than others. This was one of those. Everything came apart fairly easily, and there wasn't much to fix underneath and no big surprises. The new capping went on easily and the newel posts and rail went just as planned. Once we installed the wood part, we left for a few days while homeowner stained the new rails himself and did a really good job. Actually better than some "professionals" I've seen over the years. (Not my guys just crews you observe over the years.) Then we came back and installed the iron balusters.

 The homeowners themselves were great to work with as well. I probably don't say that enough. But these folks were really easy to work with. Note to everybody in the world. Life seems to go better if you don't bring stress into every situation you encounter, or maybe create stress for other people unnecessarily. I got the feeling these folks had their act together and didn't stress about things needlessly.

Anyway, it turned out great and they couldn't be happier. So, if you're looking for a local Staircase Contractor and/or an Iron Baluster Specialist in and around Morrisville PA, then Ron is your guy and he can be reached at 215-694-5046, or email him at to schedule your FREE consultation

Monday, October 31, 2016

Tuscan Square Hammered Iron Balusters Horsham PA

Choosing the Tuscan Square Hammered Iron Balusters in this Horsham PA home, was the right decision to complete this foyer makeover and totally transform this home. The homeowners couldn't be happier. They bought this home new @ 20 years ago, and finally decided it was time for an update. So,they went with the timeless beauty of hammered black iron balusters to complement the new maple treads on the stairs and the maple posts and new handrail. We were done in 3 days. 3 days and you too can have a brand new entrance for your home. And you don't have to wait 20 years to do it. We'll be there in no time! But seriosly if you live in Doylestown, Warrington, Horsham, Willow Grove, Warrington, or Huntingdon Valley, and you want your very own Tuscan Square Hammered Iron Blausters, then give me a call on my cell at 215-694-5046 and ask for Ron, or shoot me an email at to set up your FREE consultation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Wavy Iron Balusters Ocean City NJ












Wavy Iron Balusters Ocean City NJ. This was a new rail and iron baluster makeover in a couple's summer shore house. The old rail was really wimpy, note the very thin starting post in upper before picture. The couple have many grandchildren running around the house all summer and she was concerned about safety. You can tell the wife is an artist because she picked out the "wavy" balusters that is in keeping with the nautical theme of the shore house. They spent many years living abroad, and now that they're retired they can have their big family over the house and not have to worry about the old railing being a safety hazard. I'm always amazed at how amazed folks are at how sturdy our rails are when we're all done. They say things like, "I didn't know that rails could be this strong wow!" I guess people get used to flimsy construction everywhere they go, and assume that's just how it is. It's still satisfying to hear things like that at the end of every job even after 26 years and thousands of stairs and rails later. So, if you want your very own wavy iron balusters and you live in Ocean City NJ, or other shore towns like Margate, Ventnor, Wildwood, Longport, Strathmere, Sea Isle City, Avalon, or Stone Harbor, then give Ron a call at 215-694-5046 or email him at and schedule your FREE consultation and learn all about the many options you have to beautify and customize your stair and rail.